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1  Classifieds / RV Related Parts for sale / RV7 RV8 RV10 Tools
 on: 03.03.2020 at 23:16:08 
Started by Rod Hanreck | Post by Rod Hanreck
I am selling just about all the tools you will need to construct an RV7, RV8 RV10.
Advertised on AFORS at https://afors.com/aircraftView/48627
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2  Classifieds / RV Related Parts for sale / RV7 Empennage Kit
 on: 03.03.2020 at 23:11:35 
Started by Rod Hanreck | Post by Rod Hanreck
I am selling a partially constructed RV7 Empennage kit including Electric Trim Kit on AFORS.
Link - https://afors.com/aircraftView/48628
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3  Classifieds / RV Related - Wanted / Garmin GTR 225A Radio test facility wanted
 on: 19.02.2020 at 11:48:28 
Started by Richard_Shone | Post by Richard_Shone
Do you have a Garmin GTR 225A Radio installed in your Aircraft or one set up in a test rig on a Bench?
If so I would like to plug my Radio into your working installation in order to test it.
The fault on my Radio is an echoing feedback noise while transmitting on the ground so it is unlikely to cause any damage to your installation.
I am located in Southeast England but willing to travel a reasonable distance.
Thanks and regards,
Richard Shone (RV12)
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4  Classifieds / Aircraft & Shares for sale / Re: For Sale RV8A G-SUTE. High Specification
 on: 16.01.2020 at 10:30:55 
Started by Tony_Brown | Post by Administrator
Understand this is now sold.
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5  Classifieds / Aircraft & Shares for sale / For Sale RV8A G-SUTE. High Specification
 on: 18.11.2019 at 10:27:15 
Started by Tony_Brown | Post by Tony_Brown
This beautiful aircraft is probably one of the best RV8 examples in the UK and is now reluctantly offered for sale.
 Built in 2014 and finished to a very high specification, G-SUTE has flown only 280 hours total time. No expense was spared during the build and specification includes $3500 Classic Aero Designs grey leather Aviator seats and cockpit trim and €2000 Liese lightweight exhaust mufflers.
Airframe is finished in white and blue metallic and is in excellent general condition,  G-SUTE has never been aerobatted meaning that there are no smoking rivets! It has always been hangared and fully covered to keep out the dust! As such all surfaces and exposed hinges etc are in clean pristine condition.
The engine is cleared to run on Mogas or or UL91. However it has used nothing but 100LL since new. Capable of 28 litres per hour fuel burn at 75% power and 22 litres per at 50% power.
Main Specification:
Lycoming YIO360-M1B engine, new at time of build. Genuine article - not a clone. 180hp (probable output 10hp more with fuel injection and electronic ignition options).
Gami Fuel Injection delivering balanced fuel delivery for increased power and smooth running.
Dual PMag electronic ignition.
Glass panel incorporating Dynon D100 EFIS, Dynon D120 EMS with Apple Ipad moving map navigation running Runway HD and back-up navigation via additional  Apple Ipad Mini  
Dynon AP-74 Auto-pilot
MTV-12 Three Blade Constant Speed Propeller
Ameri-King fuselage mounted ELT  
Funkwerk ATR 833 radio
Funkerk TRT800H Transponder.
Electrically operated  Trim
Electrically operated Flaps.
Multi-Function control column.
Bespoke CNC machined jacking adapters fitted to main wheels.
Anti-Splat Aero Upgrades/Mods:
Crankcase Oil Separator
Nose wheel Lip Skid
Control Locking device (Gust Lock) for parking.
Nose wheel strut mod.
Nose wheel bearing and fine balance mod.
Included in the sale would be  over £1000 worth of servicing equipment (filters, wheels, brakes etc) and also a full set of quality custom made all weather covers which are currently in use inside the hangar at Perth and are in excellent condition.
Provided with the aircraft will be a complete and comprehensive documented history incorporating 7 in total A4 lever arch binders and including all original invoices since start of build, details of original authorisations and flight testing. The build was also logged photographically and electronic coppies of these images will be supplied. The aircraft was built in and imported from Austria in 2017 and copies of all LAA transition documentation will also be provided.
Aircraft is supplied with a new Permit to Fly dated 05 December 2019. The propeller was overhauled in accordance with manufacturers recommendations on 08th Nov 2019 and  is now re-certified for a further 6 years.
Offers invited IRO £110,000.
Email: tobroz10@yahoo.co.uk
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6  Vans RV Discussion / Vans RV Construction / Elevator skin damage
 on: 05.08.2019 at 10:00:50 
Started by Michael_Dooley | Post by Michael_Dooley
Good morning all
I'm constructing an RV12 and starting on the empennage.
Checking some of the skins has revealed a couple of small dents in the elevator skins. Probably my fault.  
I assume that I should be ordering a new skin from vans or do you think it can be removed. Advice appreciated
Thanks in advance
ps I can't work out how to add an image so if someone could let me know I can upload one.
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7  Vans RV Discussion / Vans RV Construction / Rv12 bottom cowl modification
 on: 21.05.2019 at 23:35:37 
Started by Kevin_Handley | Post by Kevin_Handley
Hi Everybody  
I have been flying the rv12 for about 2 years now  and I find the bottom cowl a pain to remove l wondered if it would be a good idea to apply to the LAA to modify the bottom cowl by fitting a flap door or screwed hatch underneath for inspection purposes any thoughts?
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8  Vans RV Discussion / RV Related Discussion / Crimping tool
 on: 30.03.2019 at 15:35:51 
Started by Andrew_Garner | Post by Andrew_Garner
Hi everyone,  
I wondering if any of you have a crimping tool that you could lend me...?
I have around 20 TE 63088-2 pins to crimp for a pair of Aveo Ziptips I have purchased.
You can see what they look like if you follow this link  https://uk.farnell.com/productimages/standard/en_GB/42347476.jpg
Many thanks,
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9  Vans RV Discussion / Vans RV Construction / Horizontal stabiliser cracks
 on: 16.02.2019 at 16:31:29 
Started by Andrew_Garner | Post by Andrew_Garner
Calling all owners of RV-6/6a, 7/7a, 8/a.  
Have any of you ever seen or heard, of the horizontal stabiliser cracking that SB 14-01-31 rectifies..?  
I'm in the process of finalising an RV8 that has been under construction for many years an the SB has not been done. With the HS fully completed and the workmanship (not mine) being of a very high standard, the issue is do I want to pull it apart to do the SB or just check for cracking each year and then complete the SB if a crack should appear..?
So, if you have any experience with this I would appreciate hearing from you. If you can recall the approximate hours when it was first noticed that would also be great info.  
Many thanks,  
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10  Classifieds / RV Related Parts for sale / AeroLEDs for sale
 on: 03.10.2018 at 15:14:22 
Started by Darren_Fern | Post by Darren_Fern
Two AeroLED Sunspot Taxi lights and two Landing lights for sale, used less than 50 hours and in perfect condition (taken off my Husky last month). Ive just purchased a set of ZipTips Premiere wingtips for my RV8 project so no longer needed.
£150 each (nearly £400 each new)
Wig Wag unit also available  £15
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