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03.07.2020 at 14:08:28
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RV12 Shipping (Read 2899 times)
Jason King
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North Wales

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RV12 Shipping
03.12.2008 at 20:14:24
I'm still considering building a 12 and am in the process of pricing, finding a new house to rent with a garage to build in and discussing things with Tim who's been really helpful as ever and reckons if he comes up north for a couple of weekends then we'd have an RV12 built.........
Anyway I though I'd share the shipping costs I have so far for the RV12.
RV-12 toolkit for $1,375.94 from Avery plus $170-$180 shipping to Manchester - Prices from Avery
RV-12 fuselage to Manchester.  Air freight by BAX Global:  $405.28 Sea freight thru Geo. S. Bush forwarding:  $415 - Prices from  Barbara at Vans
RV-12 wings to Manchester. $1300 by air freight and $850 by sea freight - Prices from Barbara at Vans
If you've wondered what the RV-12 fasten kit contains I'm told by its a box of 10,000 rivets (the majority size used on the airplane) and the Standard Aircraft handbook (reference guide).
I hope this information on proves helpful.
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First Time RV-12 Builder G-OXII
Empennage done, wings done with fuselage ready for some attention
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David  Richard
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Re: RV12 Shipping
Reply #1 - 04.12.2008 at 12:54:04
Thanks for the info. It's  exactly the sort of thing we need to help us understand this 'dark art'  Wink
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RV-8A Fuse/Finish kit/Engine
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