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20.02.2020 at 10:59:25
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UL91 Fuel approval (Read 1897 times)
Tim Richardson
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RV7 - Builder
Flying. Hampshire,

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UL91 Fuel approval
15.05.2012 at 11:23:51
Is anybody running UL91 in the RV?
I am looking into running UL91 in my two aircraft:
Vans RV7 Superior IO-360 G-GOVII
Great Lakes 2T-1-2 Lycoming AEIO-360-B1F6 G-GLII
Have been looking at your document -  http://www.lightaircraftassociation.co.uk/2011/unleaded%20AAN.pdf -   LAA- 999-413 Supplement 5
Reading this it lists my Lycoming (Great Lakes) IO-360- B series as approved, I assume I do not need separate approval for AEIO as this relates to inverted oil system rather than fuel.
I also find no specific listing for my Superior engine (Vans). However during construction of the aircraft I was provided with a different injection servo and when I queried the change they informed me it was to enable the engine to run on Mogas. I have never run Mogas not keen on transporting lots of fuel. But I would assume as it is a Mogas approved installation would this also enable me to run on UL91?
I have emailed LAA Engineering - awaiting response.
Anybody running UL91?
Regards, Tim
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