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Horizontal stabiliser cracks (Read 501 times)
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Horizontal stabiliser cracks
16.02.2019 at 16:31:29
Calling all owners of RV-6/6a, 7/7a, 8/a.  
Have any of you ever seen or heard, of the horizontal stabiliser cracking that SB 14-01-31 rectifies..?  
I'm in the process of finalising an RV8 that has been under construction for many years an the SB has not been done. With the HS fully completed and the workmanship (not mine) being of a very high standard, the issue is do I want to pull it apart to do the SB or just check for cracking each year and then complete the SB if a crack should appear..?
So, if you have any experience with this I would appreciate hearing from you. If you can recall the approximate hours when it was first noticed that would also be great info.  
Many thanks,  
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